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In 2018, Vancouver Film School awarded David Teacher of the Year.

Teaching workshops across the country and throughout the Province of British Columbia he is also a performance coach for artists and public speakers. As a facilitator, he has designed or adapted programs to cover a wide range of topics, from self-esteem and empowerment to public speaking, representation & inclusion, improvisation, and team building. David worked for several years with YMCA International creating role-plays and popular education activities. He has been a featured speaker on news programs to discuss body language and status signals. 

David loves helping people step outside of themselves and surprise and delight others with what they are truly capable of. As performance and confidence coach for public speakers, he’s worked with a wide range of people: radio personalities, lawyers, and teachers.

He has also worked as a comedy coach on the TV show The Switch, as an acting coach for film actors and a wide range of performing artists: musical acts, a magician, story tellers and once even a stripper.

“David C. Jones demonstrated the body language dos and don’ts of each encounter.  This gave us an opportunity to consider our interactions with others while enjoying David’s lighthearted interpretations and fun-loving antics.”

Elizabeth Wilson-Tagoe 

International Society for Performance Improvement

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"An Inspiring combination of hilarity, gentleness and challenge"

Former Student

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